Our water and wine totez not only stylish but they will be able to carry your wine or water bottle, your keys, cash, and cell phone. They are unique and each and every one of our totez is made with recycled textiles - no two are alike. 

This item has a large elastic pocket, perfect for your cell phone.

Note: Each bag is individually sewn, slight variations and differences are normal and to be expected. The images represent some of the patterns available in yellow. The pattern on the bagz you are ordering may be different.

This item was made with love by a seamstress who works out of her home in Greenville Jct, Moosehead Lake, Maine.

Thank you for buying this LetsGoBagz™ Totez.

You are helping to save the planet when you buy one of our LetsGoBagz!

May whoever carries this bag be blessed with good health, wealth, wisdom and good spirits!

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