Our Story


I'm Suzie Milkowich, RN, the founder and CEO-Chief Energy Officer at Let’s Go Bagz. I had an idea for a tote bag to carry a water bottle, keys, cash and my cell phone. I talked to a friend of mine and she made me two samples of my idea. With my new tote bag slung over my shoulder, I ran into a friend who said, “I want that!” I said, “It’s yours for 20 bucks!” She asked, "well, don't I get a discount?" I said, "yes you are already getting a discount. They are $25.00." She opened up her wallet and handed me a $20 bill.  I thought, “geez, that was easy, I think there’s a business here!” and that's how the business was born.

Where did the name come from? Well, I was sitting at the Chiropractor's office waiting for my adjustment, and Dr. Sarah said, "Let's go Suzie." I popped off the chair and said, "that's it".  And this was the beginning of LetsGoBagz new identity.

I began heading to the farmers markets on Thursday's and Saturdays to sell my totesz. I would single-handedly set up and break down the tent, hang the bags, sweat, and between April 1 and August 2019, I sold over 200 bagz.

I am an Oncology/Hospice RN by training and my business skills were well, non existent. So a friend told me about the Foster Center of Innovation at the University of Maine.  I am now a student here pursuing a Bachelors of University degree with a minor in Innovation Engineering and New Media Design. 

LetsGoBagz has helped me find a purpose in my life and a newfound self-confidence. Since attending the university, I discovered that the number two pollution problem in the world is the textile industry.  We are now using recycled , pursez, and bagz.

In addition to being a student, I was also invited to participate in the Maine Statewide 2020 Top Gun Program and recently competed in Big Gig and Greenlight Maine competitions.

Executive Team

Kelsey Allen - Marketing Coordinator


Leslie Wombacher - Administrative Assistant


Sewing Team

Lori Martin - Partner


Kristina Garland, AKA Trooper-


University of Maine, Matt Hodgkin,
Innovation Engineering Mentor

Veena Dinesh,
Innovation Engineering
Director of Business Incubation

2020 Top Gun Mentor
Heather Lux from True North Beauty